Cawston's Shelf-Stable Product is a Non-Concentrate Alternative

 - Dec 4, 2018
References: amazon
Cawston's apple-rhubarb juice definitely stands out on the shelf not only by way of its sleek packaging that boasts an exceptional use of typefaces but also through its health-focused recipe. The product features three ingredients — apple juice, rhubarb juice, and vitamin C.

Cawston proudly advertises that its fruit is handpicked and pressed at the peak of the season, assuring that there is a unique flavor balance and the drink is rich in taste. With 9 grams of sugars per 100 mL serving, the apple-rhubarb juice has only 46 calories. In addition, the recipe omits any type of concentrates, artificial colorings, and preservatives. Aside from the apple-rhubarb juice, Cawston makes its product available in 'Apple and Elderflower' and 'Apple and Ginger.'

It is the non-concentrate feature that separates Cawston's offering from the other competitors on the shelf.