- Oct 28, 2018
The October 2018 branding ideas explore inclusive concepts that broaden the outreach of the consumer audience done through new collaborative projects and campaigns that invite new opportunities. The examples this month push creative boundaries and include a wide range of fresh ideas that vary from food products, fashion projects, and eclectic retail concepts.

The newly returned American Apparel brand delves right in with its nude clothing collection, designed to celebrate authentic diversity. The collection is showcased in a campaign that invites representation of all kinds. On its website, the campaign enables users to "meet" the models as well, where each one unveils a quote and photograph of themselves -- giving consumers a better sense of their unique identities.

Another example is the latest collaboration between Sephora and the Museum of Ice Cream, with the two working together to create a joint makeup collection. The playful makeup branding concepts take on the form of a Popsicle and allow the theme to follow through with accessory options that boast names such as "I Scream Charm Bracelet.'

From Inclusive Skin Tone Lines to Co-Branded Dessert Cosmetics: