The So Delicious Dairy Free Pineapple Brulée Yogurt is Decadent

Yogurt is quickly being rebranded by companies as a healthy dessert that can be consumed at anytime of the day rather than only being suitable for breakfast, which is being supported by products like the new So Delicious Dairy Free Pineapple Brulée.

The premium dairy-free yogurt is made with organic coconutmilk and has a flavor profile that is inspired by the classic pineapple upside down cake dessert to make it a decadent yet healthful dessert to try out. The yogurt comes in individual serving cups to make it simply to consume in controlled portions, which will be appreciated by those seeking to curb their intake.

The So Delicious Dairy Free Pineapple Brulée yogurt addresses the increasing demand for plant-based dessert options as vegan and vegetarian lifestyles rise in popularity.