- Oct 28, 2018
From food management apps to soft drink donuts this list of October 2018 food trends is capturing some of the delicious ways in which the rapidly changing food industry is trying to satisfy a consumer's appetite.

Some standouts from this delicious list include an automated soft serve ATM, which was dispensing dessert on demand in New York's Moxy Times Square hotel. Other innovations include an edible supermarket exhibition, which celebrated Tesco's 20th anniversary.

Plenty of brands are taking advantage of the turning season to offer festive Halloween-themed goodies. A perfect example of this includes Krispe Kreme's spooky new line, which arrives with an icing that's been infused with Vitmo flavors, like grape raspberry and blackcurrent. Perfect for the season, these donuts are only available for a limited-time enabling the brand to get creative and experiment with flavor profiles.

From Food Management Apps to Soft Drink Donuts: