This Next-Gen Margarine Suits Artisanal and Industrial Bakeries

Bunge Loders Croklaan launched a new clean-label liquid margarine—Delica Pro Gold.

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about their product choices and are looking for healthier alternatives to conventional bakery products. Delica Pro Gold is a plant-based, clean-label margarine without E-numbers, artificial colors or flavors. Its formula includes a mix of virgin oils of wheat germ, corn and linseed.

Delica Pro Gold is part of a new movement of less processed food and has a lower calorie intake, with 20 per cent fewer calories and an improved nutritional profile. The list of functional benefits is also impressive as Delica Pro Gold provides a crispier crust, a golden color that consumers associate with a less processed and more natural product, a fluffier and lighter structure for pound cakes, and muffins with a slightly nutty taste adds to the wholesome experience. As a result, the manufacturer believes this product will be ideal for both artisanal and industrial bakeries.