BasicBites Chocolate Soft Chews Support Oral Care and Enamel Health

 - Sep 28, 2018
References: ortekinc & prnewswire
BasicBites' sugar-free chocolate soft chews set themselves apart as a product that will appeal to those with a sweet tooth, all the while supporting oral health.

While countless consumers will be indulging in sugar-laden sweets for Halloween, BasicBites offers an alternative that has been clinically shown to help maintain enamel health. These treats contain a patented prebiotic technology that coats the teeth with the "vital nutrients also found in healthy saliva, arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, which mimic nature's way of supporting enamel health."

Although there are plenty of sugary sweets that should not be consumed after flossing or brushing one's teeth, BasicBites have been formulated to be enjoyed daily, even at bedtime after brushing.