From Sleep Disorder-Detecting Devices to All-Natural Sleep Drinks

 - Oct 27, 2018
From sleep disorder-detecting devices to all-natural sleep drinks, the October 2018 health trends reveal a growing emphasis on the importance of sleep and treating sleep disorders.

When it comes to getting a better night's sleep, consumers are increasingly turning to one of two solutions. On the one hand, technology has become a powerful tool in helping to analyze sleep patterns and determine where improvements can be made. For example, the GO2SLEEP device is one tool that monitors your activity throughout the night to provide you with a detailed sleep report in the morning.

However, the October 2018 health trends reveal that consumers are also turning to more natural remedies to improve their sleep patterns. For example, Snoooze is a natural sleep drink that is designed to support your sleep cycle with herbs such as valerian, passionflower, linden flower and lemon balm, while also improving your cognitive performance, endurance and immune system.