The 'Stilobrush' Cleans Your Tongue without Scraping

 - Sep 19, 2018
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
Traditional oral care devices for the tongue are focused on scraping to remove bacteria and banish bad breath but can cause irritation, so the 'Stilobrush' has been developed as a noninvasive product to help ensure optimal hygiene.

The brush works by creating a vacuum on your tongue to suction away bacteria and debris to reduce the instance of bad breath and microscopic food particles. The gentle design of the device makes it suitable for use up to two times per day without causing discomfort, which makes it an effective option to integrate into your oral care regime.

The 'Stilobrush' can be used in either sweeping or brushing motions to suit different preferences when being used to enhance your overall oral hygiene.