The Lambda Makes Waterless Hand-Cleaning Possible in Public Places

 - Sep 4, 2018
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Modern cities and societies around the world have adapted to accommodate large populations without spreading the more sinister illnesses of the past, and innovations like this sterilizer station take the next step to reducing germs in urban environments. Denis Lara Molina won the Roca Jump the Gap design contest with this intelligent idea for a freestanding microbe killer. It can be placed in public spaces such as train stations, squares, shopping centers and anywhere in between.

Isolating a wavelength, the hand sanitizer emits a short wave frequency of UV light that decontaminates people's hands without causing harm to their skin, without requiring water, and without the need for soap. The user simply inserts his or her hands into a slot inside the Lambda sterilizer station, allows them to be bathed in the light for a few moments, and then removes them, now free of bacteria.