Genius' Free-From Wraps Support Good Gut Health

Genius recently unveiled two all-new free-from wraps as part of its 'Good for the Gut' range: the Genius Fibre Fest Beetroot Wraps and the Genius Fibre Fest Kale Wraps. As well as being made without gluten or dairy, these wraps will be appealing to gut-conscious consumers, as the food products are enriched with a natural prebiotic.

To help the new products stand out to health-conscious consumers, Genius worked with the B&B Studio on the vibrant design for the product packaging, which takes cues from the featured ingredients in each product. While the Genius Fibre Fest Beetroot Wraps are paired with a pattern that references layers of brightly colored beets, the Genius Fibre Fest Kale Wraps features colorful kale leaves.

In comparison to the average wrap with gluten, these nourishing options from Genius provide three times the amount of fibre and fewer carbohydrates.