Stryve's Offerings are Extremely Healthy & Packed with Protein

 - Sep 6, 2018
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It is often the case that one gets hungry during work hours or while on a commute and Stryve's biltong snacks are the perfect healthy indulgence that is absolutely guilt-free.

Biltong is similar to jerky as it is a form of dried, cured meat with origins in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. However, the tasty treat is superior to the popular alternative in a number of ways. For one, Stryve's biltong snacks are "never injected with or soaked in sugar-laden marinades." As a result, the treat contains significantly fewer carbs. In addition, the nutritious finger food also boasts 36 grams of protein and only one gram of sugar.

Nominated as a finalist for CSP's Best New Product Award, Stryve's biltong snacks are sure to revolutionize dried meat consumption.