Simply Gum Launched Cleanse, Revive & Boost Limited-Edition Gum

 - Sep 12, 2018
References: simplygum & trndmonitor
Simply Gum recently launched a limited-edition gum range that shares beneficial natural ingredients and functions that go above and beyond just freshening one's breath.

While many chewing gum products are made with artificial ingredients, Simply Gum prides itself on making a refreshing alternative with only natural ingredients. At the base of the product is organic, raw cane sugar—the most unrefined form of sugar—as well as a natural base.

While the new limited-edition gum products feature cayenne as a main ingredient in all of the formulas, the Boost chewing gum flavor combines lemongrass and turmeric, Simply Gum Cleanse pairs tangy grapefruit, refreshing prickly pear and sea salt, while Revive is a blend of maple, lemon and with activated charcoal for a unique sweet and tart flavor.