Muddy Bites Combines Tiny Waffle Cones with a Rich Chocolate Filling

One of the best parts of eating ice cream is the chocolate-filled tip of the cone, and now there is a way to enjoy that taste anytime thanks to a new snack called Muddy Bites. Set to launch on Kickstarter on September 24th, Muddy Bites could soon become a regular snack staple.

Muddy Bites is the brainchild of 21-year-old Nick Cavegn of South Dakota. Cavegn explained that "After eating hundreds of sundae cones throughout my life, I noticed that a ton people loved the bottom part filled with chocolate," but "when I looked around, there was nothing on the market for it." Cavegn thus decided to make the snack himself by filling mini waffle cones to the brim with creamy milk chocolate. The chocolate-stuffed cones are then packaged in resealable, travel-sized pouches for easy on-the-go snacking.

Image Credits: Muddy Bites.