- May 23, 2019
These energy-boosting snacks range from fruity matcha bars to tea-infused energy bites. A wholesome alternative to energy sources like sugary drinks, caffeine and more caloric snack options, these food products are created with a balance of nutrition and great taste in mind.

Appropriate for all ages, the guilt-free snacks include sprouted seed products along with minimalist energy ball options. While examples like Go Raw's seed-based bars combine pumpkin, sunflower, flax and watermelon seeds with bold jalapeno, lime juice and cilantro flavors, others like Basic Bits feature a simple nut medley that is preservative free and rich in vitamins.

More wholesome options to note include MINDWELL's vegan jerky range which pairs sustainable practices with healthy contents and Larabar's pea protein bars that spotlight the benefits of the buzzing ingredient.

From Fruity Matcha Bars to Tea-Infused Energy Bites: