Bodega Highlights UNDERCOVER 2001: Space Odyssey Tribute

 - Sep 6, 2018
References: shop.bdgastore & hypebeast
Last month, contemporary streetwear brand UNDERCOVER debuted an astronaut-inspired jacket that strongly referenced Stanley Kubrick's 2001: Space Odyssey. The remainder of the label's Fall/Winter 2018 collection is also heavily inspired by the cinematic masterpiece.

Jun Takahashi's range is minimalist and dystopian, actively highlighting the relevance of the relationship between humans and computers. Displayed in an editorial by Bodega, the sci-fi-inspired Fall/Winter 2018 collection pays direct tribute to 2001: Space Odyssey with detail embellishments of 'HAL Laboratories' and 'HAL 9000.' Moreover, the chic pieces in the capsule include a cheerful yellow nuance that directly juxtaposes the cautionary messages of the cinematic inspiration. From the vibrant boots that boast the words 'ORDER' and 'DISORDER' to the 'Human Error'-themed apparel, UNDERCOVER's 2001: Space Odyssey-inspired fashion pieces are sure to win die-hard fans over.