- Dec 16, 2018
This list of grunge fashion gifts is dedicated to highlighting the chicest and richest collections of clothing and footwear that feed off the edgy aesthetic of the music movement.

Many contemporary brands — Japanese-based label UNDERCOVER is a prime example of this, produce culturally rich tributes to the iconic 90s era. With a muted color palette, industrial-style detailing, torn-up embellishments, patches and graphics, the grunge spirit can be identified instantaneously. One of the most noteworthy activations in this list of grunge fashion gifts is by California-based streetwear label Midnight Studios who tap into the queen of grunge — Courtney Love, for a new fashion line. The offerings carry a DIY-style aesthetic and Love's signature 90s-inspired grunge vibe.

From Gritty Cult Fashion Collections to Liberating Genderless Apparel: