Luke Vicious' 'One-of-One Line Boasts Chokers & Earrings

Contemporary designer Luke Viscious embraces the connotation of edgy design with a punk-informed chain accessory collection that subtly pushes the boundary of authentic craftsmanship. The high-end designs carry with them a dystopian aesthetic which proves to be noticeable. The contemporary collection builds on "the art of custom chain work," testing the limits of both format and material. Yet, the designs in Luke Viscious One-of-One line-up maintain the traditional punk roots.

The chain accessory capsule offers consumers a sizable selection of bold and fashionable hardware — from chockers and pendants to wallet chains and earrings. The jewelry is unapologetically displayed in an editorial, shot by Alby Allen, and the statement-making capsule is a direct follow-up of and an agreeable accent to Luke Vicious' 'Lovesong' offerings for Spring/Summer 2018.

Photo Credits: Allby Allen