Faith Connexion's Fall/Winter 2018 Line Mimics Kurt Cobain's Style

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: faithconnexion & highsnobiety
Parisian label Faith Connexion drew inspiration for its Fall/Winter 2018 line from Kurt Cobain's style.The official photo shoot and choice of models comply with this nostalgic music nuance and subtle references to noteworthy music icons are present throughout.

The glittery Kappa sweats are reminiscent of Ziggy Stardust. The combination of the white frilled blouse and the knee-length royalty-inspired leather trench eerily represent Prince, while the female sporting the golden glitter suit and militant headwear is almost identical to Madonna in 'American Life.'

In addition, the Millennial models bear a somewhat uncanny physical resemblance to rock stars like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Axl Rose. Although Kurt Cobain's style is present in most designs as a playful grunge twist, the most obvious reference comes from a shot of a turned away shaggy-haired gentleman. He is wearing an open-chest velvet shirt and a studded belt. It definitely smells like teen spirit.