The Incorporated Artistically Boasts Its Layered Fashion Style

With the Spring/Summer 2018 capsule being Los Angeles-based streetwear label The Incorporated's biggest drop, the label provides an inclusive photographic presentation of its offerings in a layered fashion style, modeled by The Life of Pablo merch designer and artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt.

The Spring/Summer capsule is titled 'DEBUT ALBUM' and it is particularly graphic-heavy with references to album releases, LP records and more. In addition, The Incorporated offers tye-dye fabrics that contribute to the youthful and soft-grunge ambiance of the Seattle-born label. Cali Thornhill DeWitt's character provides an artistic twist to the Spring/Summer 2018 DEBUT ALBUM capsule. The layered fashion style of presentation not only offers an interesting approach to highlighting the qualities in each garment, but it also gives some type of comical release.