Popeyes' Soundproof Booth Offers a Space to Try Its Spicy Sauce

 - Sep 25, 2018
References: popeyeschicken & chewboom
Sometimes a sauce packs such a punch that consumers need an outlet to express themselves, which is the premise behind Popeyes' soundproof booth, which offers audacious consumers the opportunity to taste test the brand's new %@$# Sauce.

Inside of this booth, consumers can experience the extreme spice from the comfort of a soundproof booth, enabling one to fully express their most natural responses to the powerful dipping sauce. This activation successfully challenges consumes looking for a unique and engaging experience, while attracting social media-savvy users to snaps photos of the activation. The unique nature of this stunt creates organic and shareable content, enabling the consumer to spread the word about the brand's new menu item.