NüMilk Lets Consumers Fill an Empty Bottle with Fresh Nut Milk

 - Dec 5, 2018
References: wholefoodsmarket & foodandwine
Just as stores offer machines for grinding coffee beans or even freshly pressing juice, Whole Foods is now testing a machine that gives consumers access to fresh almond milk.

At Whole Foods locations in New Jersey, NüMilk is offering a "made fresh for you almondmilk" pilot program that gives shoppers the chance to fill an empty bottle with almond milk for $3.99. Notably, NüMilk's machines are said to make the most of the entire almond in the process of creating the plant-based milk alternative. Pre-filled bottles in refrigerated displays are also available for those who are pressed for time.

While many consumers are eagerly making the switch to plant-based, dairy-free nut milks, there are many storebought products that require additives such as thickeners, stabilizers and preservatives, which many health-conscious consumers deem undesirable.

Image Credit: thesimplyveganlife