Calm & Stormy Sources Its Spring Water from Under a Dormant Volcano

Calm & Stormy packages its still and sparkling Australian spring water in eco-friendly mineral water cans with minimal details.

The brand sources its spring water from under a dormant volcano in Victoria and over the course of a 30-year journey, the water naturally becomes purified and enriched with minerals as it filters through the volcanic rock. Calm & Stormy's fruit juice blends set themselves apart in colorful cans and bold flavors like Blood Orange, Tasmanian Raspberry and Pink Lady Apple, each of which is locally sourced.

For packaging its products, Calm & Stormy favors recyclable metal materials over plastic, which helps the beverages cool down faster and hold carbonation. The use of this eco-friendly material is particularly noteworthy, as there are reportedly no other water beverages packaged in aluminum cans in Australia.