- Jun 25, 2019
These innovative lemonade refreshments introduce the next generation of sweetened summer beverages, which boast formulas that share much more than just the flavors of sugar and lemon juice. To satisfy changing taste preferences and the demand for unique hybrid beverages, brands are introducing creative fusions that go above and beyond alcohol-infused hard lemonade with combinations featuring cold brew coffee or even the texture-rich tapioca additions to bubble tea.

With low-calorie lemon drinks, CBD-enriched recipes and lemonade-like beauty supplements, consumers are coming to see lemonade as not just a sweet, hydrating summer drink but a refreshing product with functional benefits for the entirety of the body.

While many premium lemonade products are being introduced with floral flavors like rose and hibiscus, others favor more unconventional and savory additions like oregano and basil.

From Low-Calorie Lemon Beverages to Premium Rose Lemonades: