Trader Joe's 'Lemon Peal' Features Fresh Lemon Juice and a Fizzy Texture

 - Jun 19, 2019
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The newest addition to Trader Joe's Campanology line is a malt drink called Lemon Peal—and as the brand distinguishes, "A peal—not to be confused with a peel—refers to "a loud ringing of a bell." The hard lemonade product is made with a process that infuses an alcoholic base with fresh lemon juice, cane sugar and citric acid for a refreshing, fizzy texture.

The 5.7% ABV Malt Beverage with Lemon Juice sets itself apart as a sophisticated lemonade alternative for adults that prominently features simple summer flavors.

The demand for flavored drinks has inspired the creation of many new malt drinks, especially those with formulas that feature natural sugar sweeteners and boldly flavored, clean fruit ingredients.