Riise's Drink for Breakfast Supports a Healthy Body and Mood

When it comes to choosing a liquid drink for breakfast, many consumers are first and foremost concerned about the product's nutritional benefits. Riise Breakfast Drinks creates an all-natural liquid breakfast in a bottle that is designed to share benefits for the mind and body. The fruit, oat and almond milk breakfast drinks are designed to support a healthy start to the day by boosting the body and sharing a "feel-good factor." As such, Riise's packaging is centered around uplifting imagery like blue skies, birds, balloons and kites.

The uplifting, plant-based liquid breakfast is offered in flavors like Nordic Berrii, Blueberrii and Apple Pii, all of which reference the brand's unique spelling of the word "rise."

Liquid meal replacements are now breaking into the health food category, positioned as highly nourishing, time-saving products that are just as easily consumed as they are carried on the go.