Dirty Lemon's +turmeric Blend Bolsters the Immune System

 - Dec 5, 2018
References: dirtylemon & wellandgood
Health-conscious consumers have been sipping turmeric drinks in many forms to enjoy the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the root—and functional beverage brand Dirty Lemon offers a conveniently bottled beverage for immune support.

Turmeric offers tons of health benefits for the body but it has a pungent, bitter flavor that often leads consumers to ingest the ingredient in the form of capsules or a golden milk latte that's been enhanced with honey. Dirty Lemon's new turmeric beverage offers a palatable way to enjoy the benefits of turmeric—specifically curcumin, which the brand describes as "the active healing compound of turmeric"—as its immune-boosting blend features a base of purified water, organic lemon juice, pineapple juice and ginger puree that's enhanced with ocean minerals and Himalayan pink sea salt for electrolytes.