The SOJI Water Bottle Enhances Drinking Water with Crystal Powers

The new SOJI gem water bottle is unbelievably brilliant. Its sleek glass on the outside is just as beautiful as the gorgeous gem on the inside. The mesmerizing luxury water bottle has a price tag of $80.

This gorgeous water bottle is promised to have the most exciting and enchanting effects on you every month because of the energizing crystal locked inside. But to grasp to the experience completely, there’s a significant bit of preparation involved on monthly basis. Every evening of a full moon, you’ll have to unscrew the crystal from the bottom of the water bottle and then place it by your windowsill under the moonlight. Overnight, the gem will charge up and gain its "powers." In the morning you’ll simply screw the crystal back into in your water bottle and fill it up with refreshing cold water. The crystal will transfer its energy to the water through the day and give you the boost you need as you drink away. Because of the size of the crystal, the charge lasts about a month, until the next full moon, so it’s super critical that you remember to mark your calendar so you don’t miss a chance to charge the crystal.

As the SOJI water bottle is a bit heavy, it requires care when transporting and comes with a cute, handy and protective cushion sleeve.