From On-the-Go Coffee Bars to Gamified Cooking Books

 - Jul 28, 2018
From the IHOb name change that sparked global controversy to the alcohol-infused BBQ bratwursts that are undoubtedly worth the try, the July 2018 food trends definitely highlight some unorthodox combinations. One food hybrid is conceived by Crag Carrick and is a crossover between a donut and a chicken nugget. The creation is cleverly dubbed 'The Donug.' Another instance of a highly Instagramable July 2018 food item is the sparkling rainbow pizza from DagWoods that boasts edible glitter as a topping.

From robotic burger joints and hidden hotel speakeasies to mobile s'mores vehicles and unconventional seasonal ice creams, the creative input in the dining and food manufacturing industry is apparent, highly engaging and, for the most part, extremely experimental.