'Republic of Booza' Shares Melt-Resistant, Elastic Ice Cream Treats

 - Jun 15, 2018
References: instagram & amny
Booza is a frozen, dairy-based Mediterranean dessert that is known as one of the world's oldest kinds of ice cream and it sets itself apart with an elastic texture and a resistance to melting.

Republic of Booza will be opening its doors soon in New York City, giving tourists and locals alike a taste of unique flavors that can be grouped into categories like American Classics, Global and Experimental. Republic of Booza describes that because no air is trapped in the ice cream, it is incredibly dense and boasts an intensely rich flavor.

As far as what goes into the making of booza, key ingredients include ground orchid root and mastic resin, which can only be found on the bark of a tree that grows on a Greek island.