Pocket Latte is a Tasty and Organic Ready-to-Eat Choco-Latte Snack

 - Jun 25, 2018
References: kickstarter
These on-the-go coffee bars give consumers a daily caffeine kick with a tasty snack. Pocket Latte is an edible hybrid that mixes the texture of chocolate with the reenergizing flavor of a latte beverage. The foodies behind this product are committed to delivering the best possible ingredients with the highest possible impact to the consumer. As a result, one on-the-go coffee bar equates to one cup of joe. In addition, the ingredients used in the production of the tasty treats are all-natural and organic, with no pesky artificial components.

Pocket Latte comes in two flavors — 'Cream + Sugar' and 'Dark Roast.' While the former takes on a "silky smooth finish" and has a lighter taste, the latter is much bolder and fully vegan.