- Jul 29, 2018
It is extremely important to be conscious of your health mentally and physically, and the July 2018 health trends offer progressive forms of maintaining that connection. It's easy to get lost in developing and maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle amongst the business that life comes with. In order to upkeep a healthy approach, this month's health trends implement themselves in a busy lifestyle through dietary options and incorporated technologies.

A well-balanced diet is one of the most difficult aspects of a healthy lifestyle and brands such as Kashi recognize that. Its Kashi Joi bars combine great flavors with nutritional benefits to easily be infused into an on-to-go lifestyle. Some subtle reminders for the body are beneficial as well and this can be exemplified by the Giiro Posturebot. It encourages proper posture in work environments and conditions a better habit for the body over time.

From Digital Posture-Tracking Assistants to Immersive Nut-Based Bars: