Solan de Cabras Offers Beverages for 'Defence' and 'Repair'

As more consumers seek out functional food and beverages in on-the-go formats to help them power through their day, Solan de Cabras created a new drink format with its inventive fruit water products.

The grapefruit Defence and pomegranate Repair beverages are described as being similar to tea drinks and cold infusions, but offer very clear functional benefits for consumers. The design of the products developed by Enric Aguilera Asociados boasts vibrant images of fruit, as well as graphic details that call out the vitamin contents of each of the different drinks.

Specialty water products are becoming increasingly popular within the functional beverage category. This can be attributed to the fact that consumers are looking to keep themselves hydrated and healthy with enriched beverages that are packed with natural, nourishing ingredients to support the many systems of the body.