- Jul 28, 2018
While summer is usually associated with cold beers and craft cocktails, the July 2018 drinking trends reveal that the non-alcoholic drink sector is also heating up. From cold brew to sparkling water, those looking for a booze-free summer sipper have more options than ever before.

On the one hand, the iced coffee category only continues to grow, with the debut of new products such as RISE Brewing Co.'s cold lattes and Maxwell House's antioxidant-rich Max Iced Coffees. Similarly, cafes and other retail brands have begun offering their products in a more portable formats, such as Biggby Coffee's cold brew cartons.

Beyond coffee, the July 2018 drinking trends also reveal a rise in sparkling water beverages. One example of this is Icelandic Glacial's new line of flavored sparkling waters, which come in tantalizing varieties such as Tahitian Lime and Sicilian Lemon.

From Artisan Low-Alcohol Ciders to Dual-Flavor Tonic Waters: