The SUB Home Beer Dispenser Lets Buyers Order Multiple Craft Beers

 - Jun 5, 2018
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With its ability to keep beer fresh for up to two weeks, the SUB Home Beer Dispenser is perhaps the perfect tool for any hardcore beer lover. Made by German kitchen appliance maker Krups, the home draft system ensures that any beer put in it remains cold, fresh and carbonated throughout long periods of time. The SUB Home Beer Dispenser is not a full keg but is capable of holding two liters of beer and is incredibly easy to use.

In addition to ensuring cold, fresh and carbonated beers, the SUB Home Beer Dispenser also offers customers a wide range of craft beer from both East and West coast breweries. This comes from a partnership between Krup and Hopsy, which will allow buyers to order from over 50 award-winning craft breweries. The beers will arrive in convenient capsules that can easily be inserted into the SUB Home Beer Dispenser and is then ready to drink.