- Mar 20, 2019
These wine packaging innovations range from conveniently canned coolers to space-saving wine packs with a flat-backed bottle design.

When it comes to traditional wine bottles with bold branding, standouts include Upshot's 360-degree calendar label design that tells the story of the wine blend's unique production process. In particular, the label breaks down how Upshot's Alexander Valley and Knights Valley grapes are "harvested, fermented, aged and bottled" while relying on simple and eye-catching graphics. Ars Longa Vita Brevis' glow-in-the-dark labels are another notable example and reveal hidden wine origin information when examined in the dark.

Additional wine packaging innovations to note include the double-walled 'Cooleo' wine bottle that is specially designed to maintain a peak wine temperature, TagItwine's app-connected bottle which tells an interactive story and Bridge Lane's beer-inspired wine keg which holds the contents of up to 26 bottles inside.

From Space-Saving Wine Packs to Canned Vino Coolers: