Bonta's Beverages Spotlight Beneficial Plant-Based Ingredients

 - Jun 15, 2018
References: drinkbonta & bevnet
There are plenty of natural and artificially flavored fruit beverages available to consumers around the world, but Bonta sets itself with an all-natural Mediterranean drink range.

As well as boasting vibrant ingredients, the beverages help to share functional benefits such as antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as immune-boosting and support for the hair and skin.

Each beverage spotlights a different set of all-natural, plant-based ingredients from the Mediterranean. While Restore boasts a blood orange flavor that's amplified with the benefits of turmeric and hibiscus, the Glow beverage combines zesty lemon and ginger juice with white tea and marigold. One standout flavor is the Immunity variety, which combines blueberry and pomegranate juice with soothing, fragrant lavender. In Bonta's collection, each drink is named after a different place in the Mediterranean, like France, Turkey or Italy.