Berry Monsoon Mountain Dew is Exclusively Available at Sam's Club

With summer in full swing, PepsiCo is helping consumers stay cool with the debut of new Berry Monsoon Mountain Dew. But unlike other sodas, this exclusive flavor is only available at your local Sam's Club.

Berry Monsoon Mountain Dew is a brand new flavor that is exclusively available from the soda fountain machines at the bulk retailer Sam's Club. For those who are members of Sam's Club, the retailer will be giving out free samples of the new soda on June 28th and June 29th.

For those who have been lucky enough to sample the new drink already, Berry Monsoon Mountain Dew is described as having a prominent berry flavor with just a hint of lime. The new soda also boasts a bright turquoise flavor that definitely makes it stand out in any cup.

Image Credits: PepsiCo.