Keepers Black is a Refreshing, Artisanal Coffee Beverage

 - Jun 23, 2018
References: kickstarter
Individuals who enjoy their coffee black can now experience a unique new beverage called Keepers Black, offered by the same brand that previously offered a Citrus Sparkling Coffee.

Founders Brent & Thi, who created the Keepers brand after not being fully satisfied with classic emerging cold brew formula that's become so popular, decided to add sparkling elements to the beverages they chose to create. The resulting Keepers Black Sparkling Coffee has a well-rounded, refreshing taste, contains no milk, cream or sugar, and has a crisp carbonated texture.

This high quality sparkling black coffee comes in minimalist cans that are a matte black in color, with limited white labeling which features an inspiring graphic that promotes open-mindedness and creativity.