Floral Elixir Co.'s Curated Sets Appeal to Tea Lovers, Gin Drinkers & More

 - Jun 14, 2018
References: drinkyourflowers
Floral Elixir Co. makes a wide range of syrups that are flavored with real flowers and botanicals, from violet and hibiscus to delicate rose. Beyond just being flavorful cocktail mix-ins, the floral syrups are extremely versatile and may be used to enhance a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. As such, Floral Elixir Co. has curated a number of boxed sets that appeal to different kinds of consumers and their preferences.

While the Tea Lovers Cocktail Kit is perfect for enhancing the flavors of tea-based mixed drinks with jasmine, orange blossom and rose elixirs, the Whiskey Lovers Cocktail Kit specifically pairs other floral elixirs like rosehip and prickly pear with whiskeys, bourbon and brandy.

Many of the cocktail kits are drink-themed, while others like The Tiki Lounge and the Floral Classics are grouped with a focus on flavor pairings.