Shambhala's Camp Clean Beats is Drug and Alcohol-Free

Shambhala Music Festival occurs every summer at the Salmo River Ranch in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, attracting music and art fans from all of the world, as well as a group of sober ravers who are a part of the Camp Clean Beats community.

Camp Clean Beats was created to offer sanctuary to attendees who refrain from using drugs and alcohol, who are looking to enjoy all that the festival has to over with like-minded individuals. As Shambhala is a camping festival, it can sometimes be difficult for sober ravers to avoid the behavior they're trying to recover from. In addition to functioning as a safe zone where support is readily available, Camp Clean Beats offers recovery meetings three times a day to help attendees learn, grow and connect.

With initiatives like Camp Clean Beats, music fans can partake in the activities they've always loved, without feeling the pressure to use drugs or drink with those around them who might choose to do so.