'Abartys Health' Synchronizes Healthcare and Insurance

 - Jun 8, 2018
References: abartyshealth & producthunt
The American healthcare system is a complex interweaving of data about patients, coverage, premiums, and so much more, and Abartys Health is a centralized hub that aims to eliminate the waste that inevitably accrues when this data isn't properly managed. Abartys Health provides a simpler way for insurers and healthcare providers to access the same information and get a better handle on how to treat patients moving forward.

On the surface, it might seem like there's nothing complex about the communication that needs o happen between insurers and healthcare providers. The doctors should assess what a patient needs, relay that information to their insurance provider, and then the patient should receive that coverage. In reality, it's far from that simple, and Abartys Health helps to weed through the real complexities.