Walmart and IBM are Fighting for Transparency in the Food Industry

 - Jun 14, 2018
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Walmart and IBM are working collaboratively to create more transparency in the food industry, and are using a new blockchain-powered labeling system to do so.

Currently, the grocery store industry lacks a sufficient method of pulling expired food from the shelves, something that IBM is hoping to change. While still in a pilot phase, this new system is able to "track food throughout the complex global supply chain," with the overall goal of reducing the amount of foodbourne illnesses. Using blockchain technology, this new system will be able to track each item in the store, while documenting its origins and distributor.

This means that if a consumer becomes infected with E.Coli that's traced to a particular produce, the company would quickly discover where the batch came from and where else it has been shipped to. This innovative system would add a level of connectivity and transparency to grocery stores, distributors and farmers, while also stopping the spread of illness.