A Smart Mouthguard Biosensor Tracks Exhaustion and Dehydration

 - Jun 28, 2018
References: digitaltrends & gigazine.net
Xerox Parc, a legendary R&D center, developed a new smart mouthguard biosensor that can accurately detect early signs of exhaustion, dehydration and mental engagement levels simply from receiving a sample of saliva. Developed in conjunction with NextFlex and the University of California, this new smart wearable leverages an electrochemical sensor system "fabricated on a small, flexible plastic foil." The electronics in the sensor are protected from saliva via an encapsulant, which also encompasses all the electronics used in the device.

The sensor on the smart mouthguard biosensor was designed to be replaceable and interchangeable with other sensors more attuned to detecting glucose, uric acid and more. While the current version of the smart mouthguard biosensor is a proof-of-concept, Xerox Parc hopes that later versions of the mouthguard can find applications in sports, workouts and military fields.

Image Credit: NextFlex