The iGOTHAM Eyewear Filters Out Harmful UV Light

 - Jun 26, 2018
References: igotham & thegadgetflow
Many consumers are spending hours each day staring at their smartphone and/or computer screen which can have negative effects on their vision, so the iGOTHAM Eyewear is here to help prevent this from occurring.

The glasses are capable of blocking out more than four-times the amount of harmful blue light than traditional eyewear and come in five fashionable frames. The use of the glasses is reported to help prevent vision problems, prevent eye strain and even help you rest easier after a long day by stopping your body from being tricked into thinking it's daytime by a computer or smartphone screen.

The iGOTHAM Eyewear identifies the increased amount of time consumers are spending with technology and the subsequent need for accessories that counteract the negative effects.