Juice It Up!'s Cold Brew Acai Bowl Can Serve as a Stand-In for Coffee

 - Jun 16, 2018
References: juiceitup & instagram
On their own, acai bowls are popular for their bright color and superfood benefits—but Juice It Up! is now making the snack even more appealing with the addition of coffee.

The Cold Brew Acai Bowl is made with organic, antioxidant-rich acai, non-fat yogurt, cold brew coffee, soy milk, banana, cinnamon and guarana. As such, Juice It Up! describes that the gluten-free "bowl contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee" and can be used as an ultra-nourishing and energizing breakfast option.

The current popularity of cold brew is driving some brands to introduce many new beverages, while others are making it possible for consumers to get a taste of the coffee with solid food formats like ice cream, yogurt and chocolate bars.