Live Ultimate's Ultimate Shrooms Boasts Eight Potent Immune Boosters

 - Jun 6, 2018
References: liveultimate & newbeauty
Cordyceps, reishi, chage, lion’s mane, turkey tail, maitake, shiitake and oyster are some of the most beneficial medicinal mushrooms on the planet—all of which can be found in this mushroom powder dietary supplement from Live Ultimate.

As the Ultimate Shrooms whole food powder offers such a potent and diverse blend of mushrooms, it is said to be of use for everything from sharpening one's focus to strengthening the immune system and balancing the body. Notably, the product contains "eight certified organic wood-grown mushroom fruiting body extracts and nothing else," as Live Ultimate describes.

The dietary supplement has the potential to be blended with a liquid of one's choice as an alternative to coffee, as it provides a similar flavor profile without the energy crash after consumption.