The Nestle Cereals Oat Cheerios are Made with 100% British Oats

Oats are an excellent breakfast variety but aren't favored by everyone, so the Nestle Cereals Oat Cheerios have been unveiled in the UK as a cereal that's made with the goodness of oats to offer a new format.

Made with 100% whole-grain British oats, the cereal is enriched with nine vitamins minerals such as calcium, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin D, amongst others. This makes the cereal a healthy choice to try out that is decidedly different from traditional porridges, which will come as welcome news to those who don't like the taste and/or texture of the hot cereal.

The Nestle Cereals Oat Cheerios can be consumed with warm or cold milk to offer two ways to enjoy the high-fiber cereal.