Radicle Snacks' Superbars are Packed with Brain-Boosting Ingredients

 - Jan 3, 2018
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Radicle Snacks makes healthy, all-natural and nutrient-dense snacks that boast functional benefits for the mind and body, including its naturally nootropic Superbars.

The Superbars are offered in varieties like Apple Detox, Blueberry and Tart Cherry, each of which is packed with powerful plant polyphenols and nootropic micronutrients. Alongside familiar ingredients such as berries, figs, nuts and citrus peels, the snack bars also include Radicle Snacks' own SMART blend of curcumin (the bioactive ingredient of turmeric), luteolin (a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that is commonly found in celery seed) and piperine (often used to help with difficult-to-digest compounds.) As well as boasting incredible benefits individually, many of the included compounds and cognitive enhancers work better together—for instance, piperine helps the body better absorb curcumin.

All Radicle Snacks are free from sugar, oxidized oils and artificial ingredients.