From Collapsible Muscle Massagers to Elegant Fitness Watches

 - Nov 25, 2017
With a growing number of people interested in improving their physical health, the November 2017 fitness trends reveal that brands are making a stronger effort to help consumers workout where they are most comfortable: in their homes.

For those who can't afford to join a gym or simply prefer the flexibility of at-home workouts, there are a number of tools that allow any room to become a temporary gym. For instance, Ecowellness sells a range of eco-friendly products, including kettle bells, push-up bars, and Pilates sets, all of which are designed for home use. Another option is a platform called Manduka + Yogaia, which offers live-streamed yoga classes so that members can receive feedback from instructors in real-time without attending a studio.

Beyond simply enabling consumers to workout in the comfort of their home, brands are also helping consumers track their fitness progress. Some examples of these user-friendly fitness trackers highlighted by the November 2017 fitness trends include, the Motiv fitness ring, the VIITA smartwatch, and the Opter Pose wearable device.