Deepak Chopra and Eddie Stern Created the 'Breathing App'

 - Oct 12, 2017
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Yogi Eddie Stern and Dr. Deepak Chopra teamed up to create the free 'Breathing App,' which is designed to help people reduce stress and tap into a meditative state using deep breathing techniques. To breathe with the app, users are able to select a breathing ratio with a determined period of inhalation and a longer exhalation count. The app is designed to teach resonance breathing, which is said to "[reset] the braking mechanism of your nervous system." As a result of using the Breathing App, users are said to be able to better connect to their sense of self and purpose.

As well as being able to enjoy content from two leaders in the wellness world, application users will also be able to enjoy the music within the Breathing App composed by Moby.

Many modern consumers who are seeking relief from stress are turning to zen practices for the mind as an extension of their physical self-care routines.